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I am a long time resident and real estate broker in Redwood City and been involved in our local schools. In recent years I have become more interest in our city's politics and other subject that impact our community.

  • Happy Father’s Day

    Father, These past twenty something years or so, your son and I have lived as your children. There have of course been many ups and downs. We’ve had to endure hours of channel surfing to no avail. Life also isn’t… Read More ›

  • Whom has Emojions?

    Kiddies First, I apologize for the excessive use of “whom’ vs. “who.”  This is obviously a crime against good grammar,  but I whom am I to know better anyway? So I’m still thinking about Bourdain. I’m an old guy and… Read More ›

  • Be Authentic & Kind

    Yesterday I wrote about the loss of Anthony Bourdain and a few days ago I wrote about being kind – now I’m writing about both again. Bourdain He was a well liked celebrity, which is different then a popular celebrity…. Read More ›

  • This Guy Liked his Sauces

    Weird week with two celebrity suicides. People whom were accomplished but sadly depression does not seem to discriminate against rich or poor. I did not know whom Kate Spade was, but I definitely knew of Anthony Bourdain and really enjoyed… Read More ›

  • Hummingbirds!

    Kiddies I’ve always had a soft spot for birds and I think hummingbirds are just the coolest things in the world!  They are of course so tiny and then the way they fly and hover is just incredible. Yesterday I… Read More ›

  • Churros & Kindness Leads to Happiness!

    Dear Kids I had lunch yesterday with a nice gentlemen, a pretty successful person in business. Interestingly enough what he considers one of his main priorities in life now is to be kind to people.  My advice is you don’t… Read More ›

  • TV on Demand!

      Dear Kiddos You guys have no idea how convenient TV viewing is for you guys? Actually, just viewing altogether, I know that you youngsters supposedly now watch more entertainment on computers, pads, and phones than on TV. Before all… Read More ›

  • Someone’s Birthday Who Could NOT be Trusted!

    Hello Kiddies Today is your grandfather’s birthday. He’s now been gone 4 years and of course we all miss him tremendously. He would have been 85 years old today and still concerned about his appearance. What’s important is that he… Read More ›

  • Airplanes

    Dear Kids appreciate airplanes. So this long weekend, mom and dad took one of our two favorite children to the University of Michigan. You kids may recall that we live in California, so we jumped on an airplane to go… Read More ›

  • Thinking Outside the Bottle

      I was recently at a store and as I walk past their wine aisle I was a bit surprised by some of the labels. Now I’ve seen a few quirky ones before and I don’t often buy wine, but… Read More ›

  • When your Kids are Old enough to Really Help!

    Last weekend I had a monumental yard/gardening task that I had been putting off for way too long. Of course with yards, the longer you put it off, the worst the problem gets with things getting overgrown and leaves piling up,… Read More ›

  • The Crew Got Together!

    Just wanted to state the obvious, life is pretty great when we get the crew together. It was nice having everyone home, even if it was for a short period. Sure, we get on each other’s nerves and can’t agree… Read More ›

  • The Moment you Discover this is NOT your Thing!!

    Kiddos News Flash – We are not meant to either enjoy or even be good at everything. Now some of us are better at hiding this fact versus other people. The people who have difficulty hiding such things should probably also… Read More ›

  • Mother’s Day!

      Dear Kids Life is great and possible because of mothers! You would never be born if it was left to men to give birth to you! So let’s celebrate the day that made your existence possible.  You should apologize… Read More ›

  • Do Something Bold … or at least plan to!

      Dear Kids I was recently thinking about Uncle Frank; my much older and less good looking brother. Despite genetics not being too kind to him, I do admire his boldness. First, the courage to go out in public wearing… Read More ›

  • Yeah… Finals are over! Time to Celebrate!

    Kiddo With finals over and you now being 21, it might be time to celebrate by grabbing a drink somewhere.   Allow to me suggest a lemonade. However, when you come back home, you will have to buy your old man… Read More ›

  • Modern Medicine is Great!

    Dear Sister! Your Brother is no stranger to the doctor and strange medical conditions! But this is actually an opportunity for us to realize why life is great. For the first 1 million years of human history, if you had… Read More ›

  • Books Make Great Hiding Places!

    Dear Daughter Last day of exams Baby! Hopefully you have not reached a point where you are hiding behind the books instead of actually studying them? Life is great when difficult things reach their end and today is that end!… Read More ›

  • It’s Time for the Big Finish!

    Dear Daughter This is it, the last sprint of this long race. Time for the big, impressive finish that people will be talking about forever. You got it in you, let it out, no need to hold back anymore. This… Read More ›

  • You are Not Screwed – It just feels like it!

    Dear Daughter Today is the first of your finals, you probably woke up this morning feeling very all alone. That it’s you against the world and you are sooooo screwed!  I hope I’m wrong, but in case I’m not, then… Read More ›