Never Give Up!

Dear Daughter Here we are again, studying for finals. It seems crazy to think that this is really the only life you’ve known! Let me assure you that there is more out there in the world then being constantly tested…. Read More ›


Kids I hate exercise and love it simultaneously. It’s like changing a diaper, it simply needs to be done whether you enjoy it or not! However, exercise can make your life great. It helps you both physically and mentally and… Read More ›

Honor Manual Labor

Hello Kids Yes, that’s a recycled picture of the old man! Today’s pearl is for you to enjoy some manual labor somewhere in your life. It’s a gratifying feeling to create something with your hands that’s not on a computer screen…. Read More ›

Losing Hurts!

Good Morning Kiddos Today’s little lump of coal is about losing! Yesterday the old man lost a deal against another competitor. It hurt, it sucks, it was disappointing, but it was not unfair! At first I thought about cancelling Christmas and… Read More ›


Hello Kids So today is Thanksgiving and it makes life great because the family will get together. It will be loud, it will be messy and we will eat too much. The best part is that it’s at Uncles Frank’s,… Read More ›