Month: January 2018

Soft Toilet Paper – Nice!

Dear Daughter All right, let’s stay on yesterday’s very sophisticated theme of butt related stories. Soft double quilted American toilet paper makes life great! First let me share with you that when I was staying with my grandparents as a… Read More ›

In-Door Plumbing!

Dear Daughter Any camper out there or old timey guy like your Dad can tell you that indoor plumbing makes life great!  When I was a child, I lived for a short period with my grandparents in a home that had… Read More ›

We Live in Paradise!

Dear Daughter After having spent some time in Minnesota last week, let me tell you that life is great because we live in the SF Bay Area of California. They said that living in California makes you soft and are… Read More ›

Saturday – What a Day!

Dear Daughter Don’t Saturday morning’s make life great? The week is behind you, and sure you got all kinds of stuff you need to get done over the weekend, but that’s what Sundays are for! Enjoy your Saturdays! There are… Read More ›

Let There be Light!

Dear Daughter As you recently learned lightbulbs make life great, but they are extremely difficult to replace. It is because of this difficulty that people are always asking how many people from a particular country does it take to replace… Read More ›

Decisions & Regret!

Dear Daughter Well its that time of year when students must decide which extra class to drop and which one to keep – decisions must be made and regret will likely ensue regarding the road not taken! Sadly, there are… Read More ›


Dear Daughter Hopefully your first day of school was wonderful, but not so wonderful that you will want to stay in college forever! I’m torn whether to say that spell check makes Life Great or has dulled my brain? It… Read More ›

New Beginnings

Dear Daughter Well today is your first day of the semester, which is great. It’s a fresh start, a new opportunity to kick some college butt. As of today, you have 100% in every class! A chance to maybe meet… Read More ›

Love – of course!

Dear Daughter & Son (this time) Love is the most obvious “why life is great” posting, but I wanted to wait until today to post it because it’s mom and dad’s 25th wedding Anniversary. While this is the most obvious,… Read More ›