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  • Firefighters

    Kids Today let’s just say life is great because of fireman. While we’ve lost many lives in California, these heroes have been working tirelessly to prevent the tragedy from being even worse. It’s a brutal dangerous job working around the… Read More ›

  • Paradise Lost

    Kids It’s been a grim couple of weeks and sometimes it’s hard to stay positive in times like these and that’s alright!  We are still bickering over election results, there was the recent mass shooting in the synagogue, and we… Read More ›

  • Gratitude for the Unimaginable!

      Dear Kids – this is a repeat of last years post, my sentiment remains unaltered as do the circumstances under which our Vets live under. A big reason for Why our Lives are Great is due to our Veterans…. Read More ›

  • Big Fan of Child Labor!

    Dear Son Thanks! So yesterday I needed to do some manual labor and my son volunteered to help me. Sure, he regretted it almost immediately when we had to wake up at 4:30AM. Kidding he was a real help and… Read More ›

  • Nothing Wrong with some Jello!

    Dear Kiddies I’m still a bit stunned that you thought it was such a big deal for the old man to suddenly feel like making and eating some Jello? I know that in the 20+ years you’ve known me, that… Read More ›

  • Your Best Totoro Self!

    Dear Kiddies So we are back to Totoro.  First, I was shocked that my daughter found my Cabbit creation disturbing, but has no problem with Catbus? So, today we are celebrating a certain person that likes to draw himself and… Read More ›

  • Somber Day

    Dear Kids Tough day to write about why Life is Great when another massacre occurred near home. A dozen people killed in Southern California, many were college students at a club. It’s times like these that all I can think… Read More ›

  • Can Vegans have Carnivorous Pets?

    Morning Kiddies So, Gary has been in cat heaven for about 2 years and all family members, including mom, are pressuring the old man to adopt a new cat. You know that I’m very susceptible to peer pressure and fashion… Read More ›

  • Vote – But Don’t get Confused!!!

    Dear Kids Life is great because we can all vote. In this great democracy of ours, we get to select our leaders/representatives and it always turns out great. We never get it wrong, the people we elect never let us… Read More ›

  • Totoro – very Weird & That’s OK!

    Dear Daughter Since your wonderful visit this weekend and our discussion about Totoro while I was dropping you off, I’ve kept thinking about our Neighbor Totoro? What animals could he have evolved from? I know he’s a spirit, but I… Read More ›

  • Duffel Bags; Necessary Vegan Accessory

    Dear Daughter Yes, we are on a temporary vegan theme. So, I’m not naming names or pointing fingers, but there seems to have a great migration of duffel bags from Redwood City to Berkeley? Anyway, I think duffel bags make… Read More ›

  • Vegan Cannibals need Cannabis!

    Dear Kids I got a suggestion that we transition from Cannibals to Cannabis for this post and it made perfect sense to me. Cannabis can really, really, really make life seem great, even if it isn’t!  It’s a natural plant… Read More ›

  • Vegans Need to Eat Non-Vegans!

    Dear Son and Daughter (& Lauren) I think Life is Great for the planet because your old man does not rule the world! Crazy people should not be in charge of other people. Anyway, since sending you off to that… Read More ›

  • Halloween

    So Halloween was yesterday and you know I think that it makes Life Great and I feel a little guilty about it. I must confess that I have not been into it! I have not carved a pumpkin in years…. Read More ›

  • Always Happy to Have my Crew!

    I’m back… I think? This may be a weird time to restart writing about Why Life is Great given all the recent tragedies, specifically Pittsburgh! However, I think it’s when these tragedies occur that we need to be reminded of… Read More ›

  • Happy Father’s Day

    Father, These past twenty something years or so, your son and I have lived as your children. There have of course been many ups and downs. We’ve had to endure hours of channel surfing to no avail. Life also isn’t… Read More ›

  • Whom has Emojions?

    Kiddies First, I apologize for the excessive use of “whom’ vs. “who.”  This is obviously a crime against good grammar,  but I whom am I to know better anyway? So I’m still thinking about Bourdain. I’m an old guy and… Read More ›

  • Be Authentic & Kind

    Yesterday I wrote about the loss of Anthony Bourdain and a few days ago I wrote about being kind – now I’m writing about both again. Bourdain He was a well liked celebrity, which is different then a popular celebrity…. Read More ›

  • This Guy Liked his Sauces

    Weird week with two celebrity suicides. People whom were accomplished but sadly depression does not seem to discriminate against rich or poor. I did not know whom Kate Spade was, but I definitely knew of Anthony Bourdain and really enjoyed… Read More ›