There Might be a Hell!

Although I’m not a particularly religious person, today I’m thinking that life would be great if there is in fact hell and that people making robocalls or telemarketers will go straight there… before they are even dead! It’s gotten to… Read More ›

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  • Magnets are so Cool!!!

    Kiddos I’m going into old man mode… again! I think magnets make life great! I always found them so magical, which is weird because I later studied the heck out of them as an engineer. I understand the science, but… Read More ›

  • Rain – the Great Rejuvenator

    Kiddos Today we are going to recognize that rains makes life great. After trying to not utilize too much water over the summer, it’s nice to have the rain making things green all over. It also graciously helped put out… Read More ›

  • Never Give Up!

    Dear Daughter Here we are again, studying for finals. It seems crazy to think that this is really the only life you’ve known! Let me assure you that there is more out there in the world then being constantly tested…. Read More ›

  • Find a Job U Love!

    Kiddos Life is Great when you have a job you love! A job you love means that most mornings when you get up and have to go to work, you will not hate the day in front of you, but… Read More ›

  • Exercise

    Kids I hate exercise and love it simultaneously. It’s like changing a diaper, it simply needs to be done whether you enjoy it or not! However, exercise can make your life great. It helps you both physically and mentally and… Read More ›

  • Time Machines & Violence!

    Dear Kids You’re more tech savvy than me so if you come across a time machine on the internet, don’t tell me about it. I concluded that Life is Great because there are no time machines! Justice delayed in not… Read More ›

  • Honor Manual Labor

    Hello Kids Yes, that’s a recycled picture of the old man! Today’s pearl is for you to enjoy some manual labor somewhere in your life. It’s a gratifying feeling to create something with your hands that’s not on a computer screen…. Read More ›

  • Losing Hurts!

    Good Morning Kiddos Today’s little lump of coal is about losing! Yesterday the old man lost a deal against another competitor. It hurt, it sucks, it was disappointing, but it was not unfair! At first I thought about cancelling Christmas and… Read More ›

  • Work with a Safety Net

    Hello Again Kids So yesterday I spoke about opportunities and that sometimes you have to go all in – risk it all! I mostly meant all that, like I sometimes say that my love in unconditional! No one really believes… Read More ›

  • Opportunities Ahead?

    Morning Kiddos This is an important post (at least I think it is), but you are probably too young to fully grasp it or maybe I just think it’s important when it’s not? That said, I believe it is important… Read More ›

  • Extremely Silly Movies

    Dear Kids Today I’m going to recognize life being great because of the demented silly minds that decided to make movies like Thumbwars and Thumbtanic. Sure, some of your friends thought we were nuts to find it hilarious, but it… Read More ›

  • Family – Can’t choose them!

    Kids The old saying is that “you can chose your friends, but not your family” and maybe that’s a good thing. Yes, many of you are a pain, a bit crazy, and really weird, but we have to accept all… Read More ›

  • Fears and Anxieties

    Hello Kids So I was surprised to discover a couple of weeks ago that you have one of the same reoccurring nightmares that I have. The one where you are in a car by yourself that is moving fast, but… Read More ›

  • Sleeping in is Great!

    Good Morning Kids … or good afternoon to some of you? Anyway, the old man slept in today and woke up at a staggering 7AM; that’s 2-5 hours later than normal and man did it feel great.  The tryptophan from… Read More ›

  • Knowing when to Stop… most times!

    Dear Kids This post is really just an excuse to use this photo, which I love. It’s probably like a Rorschach test, you see what you want to see. To me it says “Whoa, stop right there!” Now, you could… Read More ›

  • Thanksgiving

    Hello Kids So today is Thanksgiving and it makes life great because the family will get together. It will be loud, it will be messy and we will eat too much. The best part is that it’s at Uncles Frank’s,… Read More ›

  • Plan for Retirement Now!

    Kids Sorry, another boring post about life planning. A certain young man is about to start a new job soon (I think?) and he will actually be earning some money – NICE! Probably the best advice I can give to… Read More ›

  • Not Retiring – but can Afford 2!

    Hello Kids No, that is not a picture of your old man! I did not age that dramatically during this last couple of weeks. However, I wanted to add that for some folks like your dad, not retiring makes life… Read More ›

  • Retirement!

    Dear Kids You’ve both been very busy with school and I’m confident that you’re looking forward to retirement, but there is something that you still need to do between school and retirement – WORK for at least 30 years! Now… Read More ›