My very silly daughter – big reason for why life is great!

This Blog is dedicated to my Son & Daughter … which may only serve to embarrass them!

I am a fairly busy person, which is not at all uncommon these days, but I am very grateful for my wonderful life. As I’ve aged, extremely gracefully in my opinion, although my son did purposely give me a 60th Birthday card on my 50th and when I corrected him, he did look at me and say something like, “Oh, wow! Really? All that happened in only 50 years? I gotta take better care of myself so the same thing doesn’t happen to me!” Precious!

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The Boys on their computers – a 2nd Huge reason for why life is great!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking that I need to pause more often and take inventory of how great my life is. This is a luxury many people do not have, which makes it even more important to recognize the good things in one’s life.  So, like exercise and eating right, I decided to start each day by selecting something that makes life great. I’ve stopped exercising and eating right many times, so let’ see how long this lasts? However, to me life is about making the effort and setting new goals, not necessarily always succeeding! I know, sounds like some loser excuse for failure, but it works for me!

It may be a cliche about “why my life is great,” but I do credit most of it to my wife who puts up with me (no easy task), my two kids that I put with (definitely no easy task), “most” of my family (you know who you are and why I can’t say “all” my family), and my friends (except for the ones that borrow tools and never return them). Originally I was just going to journal something (I’m told that’s a thing – journaling) on a notebook each morning. However, the day after I decided to do this for myself, my daughter called, she is currently in college and has had some struggles. I am so proud of her. I have never seen anyone work so hard and pour every ounce of their being into trying to follow through on every commitment in their lives. This character trait often overwhelms and exhausts her, but she never ceases to press on.

My son likewise is driven and idealistic. We are very proud of him and his commitment to living a meaningful life and making the planet a better place. I couldn’t have dreamed of having a better child.

I now dedicate this blog to celebrating our lives and the many things that make them great. I hope we never lose sight of all the wonder around us. I know there is tragedy in this world and sometimes in our lives too, and we will stumble from time to time, but I think that I’m committing to never loosing sight of the wonder around us, even when things seem dark – like when I get a 70th Birthday card for my 60th!