New Beginnings

Dear Daughter

Well today is your first day of the semester, which is great. It’s a fresh start, a new opportunity to kick some college butt. As of today, you have 100% in every class! A chance to maybe meet some new students that you might enjoy getting to know. Dare I dream, maybe you’ll even have a professor that is pleasant to listen to because they speak clearly and don’t write in sanskrit on the board. Maybe I’m too old? Do they even write on boards anymore? Or maybe you will really, really, really enjoy some of the textbooks you have to read this semester? Somehow biochem just became so fascinating over the winter break?

I don’t know what this semester will bring you, but I’m confident you will do well.  So kiddo, learn some new things, make a new friend, take time once in awhile to do some fun things, exercise, try to eat well if time allows, and enjoy what’s left of your youth because the photo below is around the corner before you know it!


P.S. – you will still be my kiddo even when you’re all wrinkly! There’s no escaping it!




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