Month: February 2018

Good Instincts – Fire Bad!

  Dear Daughter Often education is responsible for assisting you with being successful in life, but don’t under estimate good instincts either! Good instincts can make life great and I believe you have good instincts based on the picture above…. Read More ›

Thin Mints – Hmmmmm!

Dear Daughter Let’s stay on yesterday’s snack seem. I think life is great because of the occasional binge on Thin Mints – specially when you stick them in the freezer! Hmmmmm, yummy goodness! This is the time of year where… Read More ›

Wheat Thins – Snacky!

Dear daughter You know this is not an advertisement! Wheat Thins can make life great when you desire a small snack, but it never ends that way – does it?¬† This is a serious problem that our household faces. These… Read More ›