Statistically… everyday can’t be Crappy!!

Dear Daughter

Yes, midterms are here and sh*t happens, things get in the way of studying, people misbehave, you roll over on your head phones and break them, and sometimes it almost seems like the universe is conspiring against you. However, you learned a great lesson a couple weeks ago – it can’t be sh*t sandwiches everyday of the week, eventually things do get better, someone accidentally slips you a nice shiitake mushroom vegan style sandwich with fresh sprouts – or whatever it is you kids eat at Berkeley. Out of a series of crappy days, you suddenly, amazingly, and without warning have a good day. You laugh, enjoy your friends, do something fun, and life suddenly seems likes it’s great again.

So next time you feel like the only thing on life’s menu is sh*t sandwiches, try to remember that unlike Wholefoods, life’s menu does change from time to time for the better. On the really tough days though, it is OK to hide in a box! Hopefully this will be a shiitake mushroom sandwich day for you?

Take care Kiddo




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