Month: June 2018

Happy Father’s Day

Father, These past twenty something years or so, your son and I have lived as your children. There have of course been many ups and downs. We’ve had to endure hours of channel surfing to no avail. Life also isn’t… Read More ›

Whom has Emojions?

Kiddies First, I apologize for the excessive use of “whom’ vs. “who.”  This is obviously a crime against good grammar,  but I whom am I to know better anyway? So I’m still thinking about Bourdain. I’m an old guy and… Read More ›

Be Authentic & Kind

Yesterday I wrote about the loss of Anthony Bourdain and a few days ago I wrote about being kind – now I’m writing about both again. Bourdain He was a well liked celebrity, which is different then a popular celebrity…. Read More ›

This Guy Liked his Sauces

Weird week with two celebrity suicides. People whom were accomplished but sadly depression does not seem to discriminate against rich or poor. I did not know whom Kate Spade was, but I definitely knew of Anthony Bourdain and really enjoyed… Read More ›


Kiddies I’ve always had a soft spot for birds and I think hummingbirds are just the coolest things in the world!  They are of course so tiny and then the way they fly and hover is just incredible. Yesterday I… Read More ›