Whom has Emojions?


First, I apologize for the excessive use of “whom’ vs. “who.”  This is obviously a crime against good grammar,  but I whom am I to know better anyway?

So I’m still thinking about Bourdain. I’m an old guy and seeing another old guy that seemed to be doing exactly what he loved in life and yet still fall victim to his emotions saddens me. Emotions are weird and can betray us. I think like most everyone in life, I have experienced the full range of emotions; everything from depression to irrational elation and extreme anger at children. However, I’m fortunate that my depression never reached the deep despair that burdens some souls.  The weird thing though is that emotions are often not attached to reality. There are times that I feel low when everything is going well and then there are times when things are going bad and I’m perfectly happy – sometimes actually excited to see how I’m going to turn some mess around! However, sometimes the sun just doesn’t seem to shine as bright for some unknown reason and it’s not winter!

Anyway, what the old man has come to believe, if it matters at all to you guys, is that extreme emotions are rarely based on reality and I do not to trust such feelings when they materialize. Weird to say, but you can’t always trust yourself and sometimes we just need to crash and reset.  When I’m having extreme emotions, it’s difficult but I try to be more logical and keep reminding myself that what I’m feeling is fleeting, although I realize this is not the case for everyone. If it’s not fleeting for you, them reach out and get help! I do think the ability to safely feel both ends of the emotional spectrum does make life great. You don’t appreciate the sunshine, until you felt its absence!  I wish life was all rainbows and lollipops for you guys, but whom wants that anyway?





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