Happy Father’s Day


These past twenty something years or so, your son and I have lived as your children. There have of course been many ups and downs. We’ve had to endure hours of channel surfing to no avail. Life also isn’t so easy with an immigrant father, as sometimes the language and cultural barriers get in the way of understanding. For example, I think we have different understandings of ‘vegetarian.’ But perhaps our differences make life great!

We don’t always understand each other and our weird habits – I, for one, think that collecting hundreds of empty toilet paper rolls makes total sense – but at the end of the day, we can laugh about our different quirks.

Happy Father’s Day, Shot! Hope you are having a well-deserved splendid day. Thank you for all you do for us kiddies, and most importantly, for putting up with us for this long.


Word of the day

Whom (pronound) [hu:m]

  1. The objective form of who, used when whois not the subject of its own clause

For whom do you need to make a shelf?

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