Be Authentic & Kind

Yesterday I wrote about the loss of Anthony Bourdain and a few days ago I wrote about being kind – now I’m writing about both again.

Bourdain He was a well liked celebrity, which is different then a popular celebrity. I think the reason Bourdain resonated with so many people was his authenticity. Those who knew him are known to state that the man you saw on TV was the exact same man when the cameras were off. I think the majority of people not only appreciate authenticity, but hunger for it in this digital age. We have come to dislike fake people,  the two faced fakers, although we may find them entertaining and make them popular. Authentic people do make life great! We love too see good people whom are their true selves flourish. They encourage us not hide behind the veneer that we believe society wants us to pretend to be.

The reason I’m bringing up be kind again is because that was one of Bourdain’s great regrets in life. In his younger days he was often rude and cruel to his kitchen staff.  As he aged and mellowed and came to realize how unnecessary that had been and how awful he had been to many good people. This was a burden he had to carry with him later in life. So not just for the sake of others, but also for your own sake, be kind to people around you, that will make your life great and theirs too.



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