Churros & Kindness Leads to Happiness!

Dear Kids

I had lunch yesterday with a nice gentlemen, a pretty successful person in business. Interestingly enough what he considers one of his main priorities in life now is to be kind to people.  My advice is you don’t have to wait to become successful or older to start being kind.  Like a nice crisp cinnamony churro, being kind tastes just as sweet when you’re young as it does when you’re older!

I previously posted something about how great it is that we can experience happiness and that it makes life great. So, it seems fitting that anything we can do that generates more happiness is a good thing, it makes life great. I believe that demonstrating kindness to other people not only makes the recipient of the kindness happy, but it also makes the person demonstrating kindness happy too. You are both kind people, despite you’re affinity for cats and mocking the old dude. This is actually a great characteristic to have, being kind, not the loving cats or mocking your father! I believe that kind people, especially those that don’t like cats, have a much higher ability to be happy in life. Kindness opens up many opportunities to feel good about life, it enables you genuinely celebrate when good things happen to others as opposed to being filled with envy. I’m not writing this to suggest you have to be more kind, I think you both have big hearts, but more so to encourage you to hang on to that kindness, do not difficulties in life or poison people shut it down.

So be kind to your old man and maybe he will learn to be kind to those evil cats!


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