Month: April 2018

Hats Are Great!

Alright kids Spring is here and soon summer will follow. Now I don’t know with climate change if it will become all summer, all the time where we live, but one thing is for sure – we will need hats. … Read More ›

Competition Makes you Better!

Dear Daughter After posting the obvious comparison yesterday about you being better than your brother, “somebody” suddenly popped out of nowhere very displeased with the post – I guess “they” were reading it and it got their attention! I think… Read More ›


Dear Daughter Yeah, it’s going to be a tough week, but you know what? The daughter I know will just face it with a great attitude. She will attack what needs to be done, do her best, and whatever the… Read More ›

Dodging Regret!

WARNING: I don’t know if this post is really meant for  anyone other than  myself. It’s really just a long confessional. This really went off the rails! So I lost a friend on Monday. Bruce Robertson passed on April 9,… Read More ›

Pain Free – Yeah Baby!

Dear Daughter Your father must have been kidnapped by gypsies) or something because it’s been forever since I wrote anything in this blog. Sorry if there’s any gypsies reading this, but someone had to take the fall for my lapse…. Read More ›