100th Post! Is it Really Worth Doing?

Hello Kiddos

So this is the 100th post about Why Life is Great and other stuff too! The old man is asking himself if this is really worth doing? Like sit-ups, vitamins, or flossing – are they really worth it? Let’s face it, I got an audience of 3-4 people. The answer is YES because it does force me each day to think about why life is great. We should all pause each day, even for just a few seconds, and consider how much better off we are than many people out in the world.  The old cliche of “there but by the grace of God go I” is a truism. It does not matter how hardworking you are or smart, if you have a good life, a big chunk of it is pure luck! You were born or able to get to a place, where your hard work and intelligence could actually be put to use and be rewarded. This is not true in majority of the world.

There are so many things we all take for granted each day and we are fortunate to be able to not see them for the miracles they are.  I think life is great when you consider even the smallest, but really the most important things in your life: you have access to clean water, medical care, heat in the winter, healthy food, family, friends, free speech, right to vote, etc. Enjoy it and don’t forget how important all these things are because if you lose sight of it, then some of it will disappear before you realize it.


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