Today’s Special Blog Contributor

Dear Sister,

Last Friday, your father and I went to see Mohsen Janatpour, M.S. give a talk on art. I thought it was actually really cool and I understood every single word he said. And that’s what makes life grand. Understanding and learning from smart people.

There was one person in that room that was not too happy though. That was your own father, Mark. Mohsen talked about how the viewer of a painting cannot abstract away the original intent – as he put it, context of genesis – of the artist. Mark – whom I brought as a guest, perhaps his first foray into the art world – was irate. He yelled the whole car ride back about how badly he wanted to understand the paintings! But he couldn’t! Sad!!

Word of the day: Symvisio: A balanced-tension collection of vignettes, that can each stand as one individual art-piece. Made up word by Mohsen Janatpour.


(Artwork by Mohsen Janatpour)

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