Never too Old to Reinvent Yourself!

Dear Son & Daughter

Alright, I’m going to stop playing favorites and add my son to this blog too. The big guy is equally as stressed as his sister as he studies for some graduate programs and begins to contemplate what he’s going to do with his life and is starting to realize that while living with mom and dad for several more decades is always an option, he will prematurely age if he continues to hang out with old people.

Allow me to tell both you kids that one reason life is great is because it’s never too late to reinvent yourself! You just need the will and imagination.

I know that you feel ancient in your very early 20s. You probably believe that whatever you wanted to achieve in life, if it hasn’t happened by now, well it’s just probably too late, might as well just stay with mom and dad! I’m here too tell you Life is Great because that’s not the case, you can still achieve things that will allow you to one day move into your own place!

That picture above is of your grandfather at his retirement party. Look at that, he suddenly became a surfer the way most people play air guitar. The lesson is that you will never truly be too old to reinvent yourself … if you choose to do so. Yes, it becomes more difficult because we become more set in our ways, our lifestyles, our habits, and our obligations; be it financial or to family.  However, as you get older you will also hopefully know yourself better and you will be more confident about what you are capable of achieving and what you want in life.

So I will say it for the hundredth time – do not fear the education choices you are making today, but try to be smart with them since they are partly delaying my next mid-life crisis car purchase. Put a steak in the ground and move forward. If it makes sense to change later, then change. If you discover later, that was not the best choice for you, then shift to a better path. I have shifted careers several times and each experience (professional or in education) as never been a mistake, it has always made me better at whatever I’m doing at the moment or plan to do in the future.  Live your lives open to new experiences and don’t become paralyzed by big decisions! Here’s a news flash – you’re going to make mistakes, everyone does! And those big mistakes will also be a big education!


New Word of the Day: 

ambiguity (noun) [am-bi-gyoo-i-tee]
  1. doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention:
    to speak with ambiguity; an ambiguity of manner.
  2. an unclear, indefinite, or equivocal word, expression, meaning, etc.:
    a contract free of ambiguities; the ambiguities of modern poetry.

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