Perfect Pairing: Opera + M&Ms!


Needless to say kids, your dad is a classy guy – that’s why I went to the opera last night to see La Traviata.  Like most operas, sad story, some death, lots of singing and a poor selection of snacks.  Before the opera started I thought the right food pairing for La Traviata would be a cold bottle of coke and some peanut M&Ms. A little sugar/caffeine rush to keep me nice and awake. Well, as I was enjoying my snack, the orchestra started playing the intro and I kept popping those delicious colorful crunchy candies into my mouth until the lady next to me told me to hush! Wow!

I didn’t realize how crunchy they were, honestly didn’t realize how noisy the crunching was. Needless to say I was a victim of the opera! They should have limited their snacks to softer, more silent treats! Eventually, I did get distracted from the snack injustice that occurred and started thinking about whether anyone on stage really knew what they were singing? I mean really, do they ALL know Italian or have they just memorized a bunch of sounds? Or are the words phonetically spelled out in English somewhere? I guess with the advent of modern medicine, it’s becoming harder to write a good tragic opera.

Anyway, I came away feeling that life was great because neither your mom or I were dying of consumption and your granddad did not forbid our marriage – lucky for you guys I guess?

Classy Dad

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