Month: November 2017

Punking – Good Times!

Dear Daughter Got a late start today, so it’s the afternoon edition of the blog! Despite Tea Gate this weekend, we miss having you around already.  After dropping you off this morning and driving back home while it was still… Read More ›

We Dream!

Dear Daughter Life is Great because sometimes we get to dream really good things at night. Sure there are the cool flying dreams, although as I’ve gotten older they seem less frequent and I only glide, I can’t seem to… Read More ›

We Can Adapt!

Dear Daughter Yesterday I wrote about being flexible, which is actually harder as you get older; both physically and mentally! Flexibility is a good long-term state of mind, but is typically a reaction to a present emergency. The need to… Read More ›

Music Rules!

Dear Daughter It’s a new week and of course new challenges. Perhaps during those times that things seem the most overwhelming, take 3-4 minutes to listen to one of your favorite songs. I’d say listen to my favorite songs, but… Read More ›

It’s Over…for NOW!

  Dear Daughter The exams are over for now! I don’t know which way you are feeling this morning, maybe it’s all three memes and a few other emotions too. Sometimes Life is Great because there are no do-overs. Something… Read More ›