Month: October 2017

There is no Ideal Body!

Dear Daughter Believe it or not, your father was channel surfing the other night instead of just staying on one channel, like I always do. Desperate for entertainment since Netflix failed me once more, I started flying past the different… Read More ›

We Can Experience Happiness!

Dear Daughter Obviously happiness makes Life Great, but sometimes I think we take for granted that we can experience happiness. How strange and unbearable would life be if there was no happiness? If we somehow we lacked the ability to… Read More ›

Good Enough!

Dear Daughter I know that you can be a bit of a perfectionist at times, but as our old and wise philosopher friend Jake likes to say , “Good Enough!” And Life is Great quite often with the ‘good enough’… Read More ›

Ding- Dong -Hitch

Dear Daughter Let’s face it, Life is Great because of me. What a great Dad you have, to be at your place within 10 minutes at 6AM when you live miles away just to find out who was ringing your… Read More ›

Sunscreen – Good!

Dear Daughter Sunscreen makes life great because it not only makes you look cool, but it also protects your skin! Although I’ve heard that there are those out there that over apply it… as if that’s even possible. That guy… Read More ›


Dear Daughter  I know it may not always seem like it, but learning can really make life great. Whether it’s learning school stuff or just learning in general.  Not just because it might help you earn a living one day,… Read More ›

Basketball Season Starting

Dear Daughter I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I guess Life is Great because basketball season starts tomorrow.  As you know I don’t watch or care for basketball ever since you retired out of the sport, but out of… Read More ›

Daughter Visit

Dear Daughter Life was great because the family was together yesterday! It was also great because I did not have to write the blog and you did not have to read it! I skipped yesterday because you came to stay… Read More ›