Month: May 2018

TV on Demand!

  Dear Kiddos You guys have no idea how convenient TV viewing is for you guys? Actually, just viewing altogether, I know that you youngsters supposedly now watch more entertainment on computers, pads, and phones than on TV. Before all… Read More ›


Dear Kids appreciate airplanes. So this long weekend, mom and dad took one of our two favorite children to the University of Michigan. You kids may recall that we live in California, so we jumped on an airplane to go… Read More ›

The Crew Got Together!

Just wanted to state the obvious, life is pretty great when we get the crew together. It was nice having everyone home, even if it was for a short period. Sure, we get on each other’s nerves and can’t agree… Read More ›

Mother’s Day!

  Dear Kids Life is great and possible because of mothers! You would never be born if it was left to men to give birth to you! So let’s celebrate the day that made your existence possible.  You should apologize… Read More ›

Modern Medicine is Great!

Dear Sister! Your Brother is no stranger to the doctor and strange medical conditions! But this is actually an opportunity for us to realize why life is great. For the first 1 million years of human history, if you had… Read More ›

Happy 21st Birthday Kiddo!

Kiddo I can’t believe it’s your 21st Birthday! You could now legally buy your old man a beer! Don’t buy any for your brother, he’s getting plenty at home; maybe too many? I’m sorry that you can’t blow out a… Read More ›

Sometimes Things Just Itch!

Dear Daughter Sometimes things just itch and need to be scratched … and that’s usually OK if there are no rashes or bugs involved!  It may seem trivial, but Life sure is Great when you can reach where it itches…. Read More ›

Sometimes you Surprise Yourself!

Kiddos You know what’s great about life?  Sometimes you actually even surprise yourself and accomplish more than you thought you could! Doesn’t always happen, but it’s nice when it does. Of course this usually only happens when you’re trying your… Read More ›

Dance & Wear Sunscreen!

Alright kiddos Yes life is hard right now, but these are the moments to truly celebrate the beautiful things in life so you can focus on why life is great. For example, consider the wonder that is the dance known… Read More ›