It’s a Lego Car for You – Sorry!

Dear Daughter

This post will be a Life is Great post if you really enjoy driving a Lego car?
They are unique and no one really ever sees them on the road, so it could be really cool! I hope you do like a Lego mobile because that might be what you aspire to drive later in life and it might be my fault! Sorry, but I just discovered these photos and it was quite startling. The picture on the top left is you taking your first solo drive in a Lego car. The top picture on the right is me in my first car given to me by my father. The convertible red corvette below that is of course the car I got later as an adult; way before the mid-life crisis mode. Notice the similarity in my two cars? I’ve heard of trying to relive your youth, but seems like that’s a little too far back. I think it got imprinted on me like the Lego car will most certainly have imprinted on you, but you probably just don’t know it.

If later you need an SUV, maybe you can snap together a few Lego cars to make one?  Anyway, sorry for this, but it might be good in the end. After all, I think the Lego car was electric and that seems to be the trend now. Enjoy.

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