There is no Ideal Body!

Dear Daughter

Believe it or not, your father was channel surfing the other night instead of just staying on one channel, like I always do. Desperate for entertainment since Netflix failed me once more, I started flying past the different sports channels and it occurred to me that there is no ideal body. I know as a society we tend to always focus on the thin, but that classification has no functionality, just as tall means nothing without context.  I could not help but think that Life is Great because we are so different physically; different heights, girths, colors, muscle mass, etc. How boring would it be if we all looked like clones of each other? Although it would make finding your clothes size easier on a rack. However, a group of people would look like a flock of pigeons or something; although I suspect pigeons look unique to one another.

Anyway, the human body is a wondrous thing. Below are photos for different body types of people whom are the best athletes in their field. The variation is amazing and without the variation many of the incredible feats they achieved would not be possible. Except for the bodybuilders, these folks are not defined by how they look, but by what they achieved with those wonderfully different bodies.



Athlete by Howard Schatz

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