We Dream!

pre prom 1 2015 (2728)

Dear Daughter

Life is Great because sometimes we get to dream really good things at night. Sure there are the cool flying dreams, although as I’ve gotten older they seem less frequent and I only glide, I can’t seem to just take off! What does that mean? Probably something to do with getting older.  Then of course  your father has seen way, way too many horror movies and so I frequently have zombies chasing me everywhere. Dang zombies… it’s always zombies! Never a werewolf or witch. Another dream on the frequent playlist is that I’m alone in a car that is going fast, but I’m in the backseat trying to steer and control the car and somehow I can’t seem to get into the driver’s seat.  That one probably means that at times I feel like I’m not quite in control of my own life?

I’m very lucky not to have experience real horrors in my life like war or a physical assault, so that such painful experiences never make their way into my dreams. I suspect the poor souls that have lived through those events are not as grateful for their dreams.


Anyway, I was exchanging some text messages with a friend yesterday that recently lost her mother and sister and I think that sparked a dream last night. I sometimes have dreams where I’m just conversing with your granddad. They are often just silly everyday conversations, but it’s such an overwhelmingly positive experience to wake up feeling like I was really talking to him. Really hearing his voice and seeing him in front of me. I really miss that funny guy and treasure these imaginary fleeting visits I get with him.

And yes, I do dream about you and your brother, but those dreams are more like the zombies chasing me around – kidding! I hope that little brain of yours generates some fantastically fun dreams for you when you put your head on your pillow and shut your eyes at night.


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