TV Content – so Many Choices!

Dear Daughter

Nothing earth shattering today. Yesterday I wrote that Life is Great because the size of TVs and the ease in which you can receive content. Today it’s all about the wide variety of TV content. We have reached a point where whatever weird thing you are into, it’s on TV. Want a show about cupcakes – boom! You got a show about just cupcakes. Like animals? You got a whole channel on just animals. News Junkie, you got multiple channels spewing whatever you want to hear as news. Whatever you want: gold prospecting, housewives fighting, dating, a 90-day fiancé, people surviving all over the place, cooking anything, competing for everything, living everywhere, remodeling whatever. There is something for everyone anytime and it can be viewed almost anywhere as TV moves to mobile devices.

It seems like a huge distraction, but I do believe that for those with a modest amount of self-control, that the content explosion has been great. There are shows that bring families together to watch them or those that can simply give you a good laugh after a rough day. No matter how rough things seem, I can always count on the Hoffman crew to to be having a much rougher day in their Keystone cop efforts to find gold. If my problems are bigger, then an episode of Naked and Afraid really seems to make me feel like I’m living in the lap of luxury compared to the crazy people. Sure the TV lobby paid me to write this, but I really do feel that TV and all its crazy content is darn cool and can make life better.


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