Hawaii & Google Maps!


So no posts for a little while since we were altogether as a family in Hawaii. Before you get too envious, read on! This was our first time to the Big Island.  Nice trip, but there was a lesson learned here – do NOT simply look at the resort photos of where you’re staying if you intend to leave the resort! Use Google Earth to see what’s around you!  I know, total rookie mistake! And no, I did not know that the Kona vs. Hilo side were totally different! So we were on this tiny island of green surrounded by a barren moonscape of lava rock, which is quite evident now was a massive lava flow at one time, including our green veneer of a resort. Then again, everything on the island was a massive  lava flow at one time!

Despite feeling like the Mars rover has easier terrain to traverse than us, it was fun exploring the Big Island for the first time with the family. The weather was great the day we arrived and the day we left. It was the days in between where it poured buckets – so much for hanging out at the beach and snorkeling. We hiked, visited beaches fully clothed, explored volcanoes,  strolled through tropical gardens, and sipped Starbucks!

In the end it was a nice vacation, but regardless of how great past vacations have been, I always love coming home to my house and that makes Life Great! If you can visit paradise and still love coming home, then something is very right in your life!


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