Modern Medicine is Great!

Dear Sister!

Your Brother is no stranger to the doctor and strange medical conditions! But this is actually an opportunity for us to realize why life is great. For the first 1 million years of human history, if you had a so much as a cut, you would probably get an infection and die! Life was very tough and your chances of making it to adulthood were slim!

In 1772, Thomas Jefferson married his third cousin, which is still acceptable in Portuguese culture, and they had 6 kids, but only 2 made it to adulthood! The other four died of various illnesses, and this was typical for the time.

Nowadays, there is at least a treatment plan for nearly everything, and most things that were once a death sentence are as easy to cure as taking a couple of pills for a couple of months.

Congratulations on finishing your finals, and remember, if you do get sick, chances are you will be in good hands!

-your Bro

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