Thinking Outside the Bottle

I was recently at a store and as I walk past their wine aisle I was a bit surprised by some of the labels. Now I’ve seen a few quirky ones before and I don’t often buy wine, but I was really bowled over by some of their names. What amazed me was how outside of the box these people were branding their products. I am typically fixated on things connecting that it would never occur to me name a wine Kung Fu Girl, Blindfold, Freakshow, or Mannequin? Personally, I can’t see myself trying to take in the Freakshow aroma or downing some Mannequim, but that’s just me. However, I do believe people that think outside the box make life great. They force us to think beyond our normal perspective,  improve our creativity, and surprise us.  Seeing those labels did stop me for a moment and forced me to think about what other weird names could make a wine label or maybe what weird things I could have named my kids? Freakshow and Kung Fu Girl does have a ring to it!


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