Dear Kids appreciate airplanes.

So this long weekend, mom and dad took one of our two favorite children to the University of Michigan. You kids may recall that we live in California, so we jumped on an airplane to go to Ann Arbor and of course flew back home.

To this day I still find air travel amazing, it truly does make life great. Almost every time I get on a plane to go cross country or overseas, I always think about some poor family crossing the continent on a horse wagon. You kids are way too young to know this, but there use to be a TV show called Wagon Train that was about enthusiastic settlers travelling west. These trips would take months meant stocking up on more than a bag of peanuts. Also, forget about entertaining movies during the voyage to pass the time. Anyway, something always went wrong on these trips and things never, never, ever looked easy!

Yes, as wonderful as flying is, your father still acted like a prima donna when I was told that I had to check in my carry-on bag! Almost everyone else got to take their carry-on inside the plane, but I was denied that privilege as the plane filled up! The injustice of it all. I then had to wait an entire 2 minutes at the baggage claim to find my bag! This will require therapy.


I think Luis C.K. did a good job at explaining how spoiled we are with air travel. Now this skit has foul language.

CK – Miracle of Flight

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