Someone’s Birthday Who Could NOT be Trusted!

Hello Kiddies

Today is your grandfather’s birthday. He’s now been gone 4 years and of course we all miss him tremendously. He would have been 85 years old today and still concerned about his appearance. What’s important is that he really loved and enjoyed you guys, you kids were a kind of renaissance for your grandparents. You kids gave them a whole new purpose, to see you grow up, thrive, and most of all to torture your parents. The more destruction and chaos you kids caused in our home, the happier your grandfather was! Maybe it was a payback thing? My siblings and I become almost invisible to your grandparents, we transformed into mere intermediaries to share stories about you guys. They no longer wanted to hear about our meaningless, boring, middle age people stories. All that become important was what adorable things were you up to?

Your grandfather loved playing tricks on you guys and one time as you started catching on to his trickery, he famously told you, “never trust a funny guy!” He was indeed a funny guy and you guys were sooooooo gullible when you were young.

Anyway,  today of all days, remember him and try to recall some of your experiences with him. He was a good grandfather to you guys, a great father to me, and a great husband to your grandmother. He made life great for many people!


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