TV on Demand!

Dear Kiddos

You guys have no idea how convenient TV viewing is for you guys? Actually, just viewing altogether, I know that you youngsters supposedly now watch more entertainment on computers, pads, and phones than on TV.

Before all this easy recording or on demand entertainment we had to race home to catch a show before it started? That’s why there was so much road rage in the 80s. At best you could make a make a lame attempt at recording your favorite show on a VHS (that was a taping device that used actual tape, that’s why we still call it “taping” a show). However, 99% of the time it would either fail to record or the tape was too old so that your show looked and sounded horrible when you played it.

Yes, entertainment on demand makes life great! Of course I do spend as much time searching for something to watch on Netflix as I do actually watching whatever lame show I finally decide on, but nothing is perfect.


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