Dr. Katie Bouman

I love science, not just for what it produces, but some of things scientists think up just blow my mind. Thanks to scientists many of us stay alive longer, live healthier lives, and are better able to understand our world and the universe it resides in.

This week was a big day in science with the first picture of a black hole. I remember when I first heard about black holes. First, they scared the hell out of me, but the idea that somebody thought them up was amazing. Even with an engineering degree, I am still in awe with how scientists come up with a weird concepts and then decide to mathematically prove whether their theory is possible. How do you even start on that? That’s way beyond bistro mathematics.

The second reason this was an amazing week in science is for the spotlight shinning on Dr. Bouman regarding the picture of the black hole. Having an accomplished, intelligent woman become the face for this great achievement is very uplifting. For centuries women’s contributions to science were marginalized, but I’m  pleased to see this changing in my life time. I know it took a team of talented scientists to achieve this great feat, which Dr. Bouman acknowledged and thanked, but I’m just happy that the spotlight is deservedly on Dr. Bouman this time around.

These two events made Life Great this week!


The team involved in capturing the picture of the black hole.

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