This Little Guy Exists

The fact that this little fellow is real and lives somewhere out there in southern Mongolia and northwestern China makes Life Great. Nature offers such wonders. However, I feel bad for the little guy, those ears must be huge because it desperately wants to hear anything that might be looking to eat it. The little guy also seems to have a tiny pig snout and those legs could use a little more meat on them. Amazing little guy.

One thought on “This Little Guy Exists

  1. lynne

    Trust you to find a weird creature like that he has so much not going for him in life but I bet he is happy withh his lot at least he is alivve and living .
    He must be able to hear everything for miles which would seem to make him safe right but then you would always be listening for any noise and trying to work out if it is friend or enemy .

    Think I will stick with my ears the way they are.


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