Paying Fisherman NOT to Fish? Better People than Me!

Let’s be honest, it’s not that hard to be a better person than me, but once in awhile I come across a story in my life that almost makes me want to be a better person… or at least rejoice that there are good people out there. So I am acquainted with a couple through  mutual friends. I learned from our mutual friends that this couple actually goes out and pays fisherman not to go out and fish.795ef3b8ae82a84dda1200a7213a98ba

I honestly don’t know if it’s because they are concerned about fisheries or simply want to save the fish’s lives, but I guess these go hand in hand. Regardless, they take time from their lives and spend their own money to further their principles. They are not forcing their views on others, they don’t guilt the fisherman into not fishing, they compensate them not to fish.  You may disagree with their principles or actions, but I find it inspiring – people like this make life great for others and for some critters too. Not sure I got it in me to be that good, but I like to think that they somehow spared the life of this happy colorful guy.  Yeah, it’s time to start thinking about ways to pay it forward!


2 thoughts on “Paying Fisherman NOT to Fish? Better People than Me!

  1. Anonymous

    Yes I like to think I pay it forward by being the best person I can towards everyone I meet during the course of the day and making throws that I give away to either the veteran hospital or lucie stern for the children


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