No Law Against Wearing Lots of Socks!

Dear Daughter

What a great country we live in – there is no law on the books saying you can’t wear as many sock layers as you desire.  I believe that it’s outlawed in other countries, but the US Bill of Rights I’m confident has the “right to wear socks” somewhere in there.  It’s plural, so it’s not limited to just one sock on each foot. What many people forget is that there is also the “right to peacefully disassemble,” which refers to the socks NOT just being peeled off one’s foot as a single large thick layer and thrown into the hamper.

I know that this post seems more like a gripe than a celebration of life, but this application of “someone’s” constitutional rights did always make me smile.



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  1. How do you get your socks so white?

    Love this.


  2. I’m naturally anemic so my bluish tinge brings out the whiteness of the sock…and lint…

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