Thank goodness some People are Crazy !

Dear Daughter

Thank God that some people out there are nuts enough to do the craziest stuff. They show us what is truly possible if you are willing to be fearless and committed to be the best at something.  Fortunately not everything needs to be dangerous, I can sit for hours in front of a TV and never let go of the remote – laser focus! But it is amazing what we are learning that the human body is capable of when you push it to its limits. I guess my super feat of human strength has been not doing anything at all when my kids push me to my limits. Kidding, you kids been mostly good … so far!

I’m not advocating that you go out there and do any of this crazy athletic stuff because I think often it takes a big toll on your body; not to metion the danger. However, knowing what physical feats people can achieve, makes it seem way more realistic ans easier that we can achieve more moderate stuff like just eating healthier and getting in a moderate amount of exercise.


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