Jackhammers Exist!

Dear Daughter

Everyone has to try using a jackhammer in their lifetime, at least once! Even you!

It’s a miracle as it slices through concrete like butter! Yes, that hard stuff that has cracked your iPhone face many times or you tripped over it and fell on its unrelenting and unforgiving surface. Now you can break it instead – payback baby!!!

Now I do believe that at one time it was mandatory to show just a hint of butt crack as one jackhammers, but like holding your pinky out whilst one sips tea, it’s only optional now. But please don’t do it in a bikini (whether male or female – no judgments here), the pictures that came up when your poor father Googled “jackhammer woman” were disturbing.


2 thoughts on “Jackhammers Exist!

  1. Janet Whitemore

    Correct me if I am wrong, but you like the jackhammer because it enables you to break down pre-existing barriers, presumably so that you can rebuild and improve upon the past. This speaks to your creative and ambitious nature. The jackhammer is also a metaphor for man’s inhumanity to man-breaking down what others have built before you,,,but, whoa, that hardly fits the topic,”Why Life Is Good”! Better stick with the obvious attraction of noise, power and an excuse to wear a hard hat!


    1. Mark Martinho

      You give me waaaayyyy too much credit – I’m not a deep thinker. I just like slicing through cement like its butter!


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