Your Dog Really Does Loves You!

Dear Daughter

I think Life is Great because science just proved what every dog owner always knew – finally a good use for science! A study found that when two humans that love one another stare into each other’s eyes, they release elevated amounts of a brain chemical called oxytocin.  The interesting thing was that for many years some people argued that dogs evolved into the perfect parasites. That they merely mimicked behavior we enjoyed to get what they wanted from us – like your teenagers. So scientists set out to have owners and their dogs stare deep into each other’s eyes and test their blood. The owner’s oxytocin levels rose substantially as expected, but so did the dogs! The dogs brain chemistry was showing all the signs that they really do love their owners. Like you needed science to tell you that!

As expected, nothing happened with cats. Nada… they really don’t care, never did and never will.




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