Shaved Ice is Cold & Colorful!

Dear Daughter

Alright for some people shave ice was a much better idea in theory than its taste – like Applebees.  But it was very colorful and kept your hand cool for a few moments before you tossed it. Now you know what it tastes like and can stop wondering about it. Yes, I think all those people behind you are pretending to enjoy it. Probably paid actors hired by the corrupt shave ice industry to lure unsuspecting tourists into paying exorbitant amounts of money for colored frozen water and we fell for it!

So why does this make life great?  Well for awhile there, we were really excited about eating some of this colorful stuff and it’s good to get excited about things, even if they don’t pan out. Life is an experience and it doesn’t all have to be delicious – as we discovered!


P.S. – I realize now that perhaps that look on your face is because you suspect the guy below has maybe got to your snowcone before you?

cat tongue



2 thoughts on “Shaved Ice is Cold & Colorful!

  1. Mark Martinho

    That picture was taken in Ohau. After I posted this my daughter replied, maybe it will be better on t he Big Island. I loved the response!


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