Thankfully Spiders are Small & Stupid!

Dear Daughter

Halloween is around the corner and I know how fond you are of spiders – so it’s a spider theme today! What if spiders were big and smart? Then maybe one day your boss would be a giant grumpy spider! Imagine that – working for a scary spider – Yikes! Maybe you’d have to pretend to eat flies and knit a web to impress him? He might lay down a little spider silk on your chair to keep you from getting up and leaving work early? He might ask you to pick him up some lunch – I can’t even imagine what that might look like? Yuck! And don’t get me started on “bring your kids to work day” … this guy would probably have like 40-50 kids. That means something like 250 eyes staring at you and 400 legs crawling all over your desk. To impress this guy you’d probably have to learn all his kids’ names and tell them apart. Some of these spiders could even become college professors! Yes, life is great because spiders are small and not so smart!

P.S. – sadly there are likely some folks out there that would see this spider boss as an improvement over their human boss! Be nice to your employees folks!

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