Ding- Dong -Hitch

Dear Daughter

Let’s face it, Life is Great because of me. What a great Dad you have, to be at your place within 10 minutes at 6AM when you live miles away just to find out who was ringing your doorbell every 5-10 minutes and then running off.  You are a very lucky girl!  No, it was not me trying to make myself feel needed and your brother was definitely home sleeping!

Anyway, that was a great coincidence that you text me about this problem just as I’m driving nearby. It was nice to discover that it was just a malfunctioning doorbell instead of some weird person playing tricks. However, we cannot rule out that it was a poltergeist, so keep an eye out for other stuff acting crazy too and maybe get a bottle of holy water just in case. It was good seeing you and Dad is always ready and willing to help!


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