Great Big Empty Parking Lots

Dear Daughter

Sometimes in the early morning hours, this is what parking lots look like, even the lamp posts go home for the night.  You can just slide in and out of parking spots carefree. Heck park crooked, who really cares, it’s really just one huge parking spot at that point. This is one of Life’s many free gifts that are out there everyday if you we choose to look for them and that makes Life Great for you. However, I’m confident you’re looking at that one guy standing was off in the top left corner and thinking that there’s no way you could avoid hitting him, no matter where you try to park, that guy is getting hit – can’t be avoided. You know what? That’s OK! What’s he doing in the empty parking lot anyway? Just asking for it! I enjoyed our little parking fiasco. I hope you have a good day.



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