We Can Experience Happiness!


Dear Daughter

Obviously happiness makes Life Great, but sometimes I think we take for granted that we can experience happiness. How strange and unbearable would life be if there was no happiness? If we somehow we lacked the ability to feel joy, if all we could look forward to was the sensation of a full belly or being warm, but not happy? Whether you believe in a God, evolution, or both; it’s an amazing thing that we can experience  this euphoric sensation. Happiness is the gateway to smiles and this would be a sad world without smiles for human beings find smiles contagious and it seems that we can’t help but be a little happy when we smile.

So enjoy the gift of happiness and don’t let life’s little obstacles  get in the way of being a smile generation machine! There is an old saying, “Why be unhappy about something that can be remedied? And why be unhappy about what cannot be changed?” Pretty much means, there often little to be unhappy about!


P.S. – believe it or not, the old saying above might actually be older than your father!

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