You can Choose to be Optimistic!

Dear Daughter

Something you probably never knew about me is that I love movies, most of them lousy, but “O’brother where art Thou” is amongst the good ones – it almost made your Dad a Dapper Dan man. Anyway, there is a great scene after they all escape from prison and are walking down a country road at night discussing what will happen if they get caught, the result is that they will each get 50 years added to their prison sentences. The character Pete (the guy on the left) freaks out because he will be something like 82 years old when he gets out of prison. However, lovable Delmar (second on the left – smiling) who is a constant optimist, is happy because he figures he will only be 77 when he gets out – a young man compared to Pete.

This scene always made me realize that we can choose to be optimists, that we can always look at the sunny side of life (a song in the movie) and this Makes Life Great.  I think it’s huge that we can choose how to interpret what life throws at us and that one of those interpretations can almost always be a positive outcome. I say be a Delmar in Life!


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