Your Uncle is Lying to Us!

Dear Daughter

Life is great because often people will really surprise you by being far more interesting than you ever believed – like the old adage “never judge a book by its cover.”

For example, your uncle Frank must have been living a double life at some very interesting nightclubs when he was young. He claims that the photograph I found on the Internet of an unidentified guy with a cigar and drink in his hand is not him. How can it not be him? Look at the two photographs of him on the right and tell me that’s not the same guy? I swear I found that photo on the internet and did not manipulated in any way!!! Alright, I don’t really believe that’s your Uncle, but man it’s scary how similar they look!

Anyway, you will discover in life that you will meet people that might seem plain and boring at first, but as you get to know them you will find that they had interesting and fascinating adventures in their lives. Quite often it’s the people that project an exciting lifestyle that actually have the most boring lives. The lesson here get to know people, ask them questions, learn about them and you might be pleasantly surprised, entertained, and even inspired.


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