Just Do it – Be Super No. 1!

Dear Daughter

As always, I’m not sure what lesson or little nugget of incredible inspiring wisdom I’m writing about here. I think it could be either:

  1. I know I’ve always tried to say enjoy life and don’t pressure yourself too much, but this photo with your “Just Do it” t-shirt under the “Super No. 1” sign is just too inspiring not to want to be the best ever at something, or
  2. If you are going to brag, go BIG! Don’t just say you’re number #1, anyone can say that. Instead, say you’re “Super No. 1” even if you serve the crappiest food ever.

I guess what makes life great here is that we don’t have eat there again. I also like the fact that by the way you look in the picture, you’re not buying into it. Your mother and brother seem to have very easily jumped on the Super No 1 bandwagon, but you’re just not having any of it. Good for you!


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