Yes – Sometimes Life is Hard!


Dear Daughter

I know you got another tough week ahead of you at college and it’s perfectly human to feel pressured and overwhelmed at times, but hopefully you have learned to hide it a little bit better? I fear that if you’re feeling pressured this entire semester that you might get permanently stuck with your stressed-out face. While that’s adorable to Mom and Dad, it might be distracting to your fellow students?

I’m kidding of course. As your midterm and assignment deadlines come crashing upon you, please try to keep it all in perspective. Try not to think of it as your intellect is being judged, but think of school as methods to allow yourself to know how well you are absorbing the material they are giving you. Worse case scenario, a less than stellar grade means you will need to potentially review some things again. These are simply grades, they do not define who you are or what you are capable of in life.

And I know I tell you this over and over, but here it is once again. your life as a student is great because your semester will soon end and you will have a completely fresh start next semester. Hang in there this week, do your best, and still try to bask in the realization that you are living a very fortunate life and that Mom and Dad are extremely proud of you – even when you make that face!


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