Salad Spinners – Yeah!


Dear Daughter

This may sound a little lame, but your Dad thinks Life is Great because of salad spinners.  That’s right – salad spinners! I came from a place where there were no such things, you either ate wet salad or you hung it out to dry with your socks (or worse than socks) on a clothes line to let it dry out. That way you had dry salad greens and didn’t need to add blue cheese later because the proximity to the socks just kind of gave it a blue cheesy flavor.  Sometimes I would press the leaves between towels or shake them out, it was always messy so I become a carnivore; it was just easier.

I recall seeing my first salad spinner as an adult at a friends house. They had invited your mom and I over for dinner and were rinsing the lettuce.  I was very apprehensive at this stage – was I going to have wet salad or taste their socks in my salad? When they dumped the wet salad greens in the little contraption, I thought, “What is this? A new step in the salad making process? Hmmm.” I was still a little afraid they were going to throw a sock in there too just to keep things authentic.

Anyway, then they spun that little thing. Well this just seemed like good natured fun, even if it served no purpose at all that I could tell – it was now a party, not just a dinner! Then OMG, when they opened the lid and the salad greens were dry – it was the most amazing feat of technology I had ever seen; probably equivalent to you kids and your iPhones. I kid you not, I made such a big deal out of it, that they insisted I take their salad spinner home with me that night, which is the spinner you use today at home and have never once expressed to me how truly amazing it is!


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