It’s Over…for NOW!


Dear Daughter

The exams are over for now! I don’t know which way you are feeling this morning, maybe it’s all three memes and a few other emotions too. Sometimes Life is Great because there are no do-overs. Something is done and for better or worse – that’s it, you move on! Otherwise many of us would be stuck doing the same task over and over … actually that’s many people’s lives and jobs! Hmmmm?  Well, technically that’s not a do-over, that’s just life. I mean you’re not technically changing the same diaper 20 minutes later, it’s a different diaper, but same horrible odor  so it’s not a do-over.

However you felt you did on the exams this week, they are behind you. Allow yourself a sweet cinnabon roll or something else nice for breakfast as a celebration, exhale, look up at the sky, go for a jog,  recharge your physical and mental batteries. Remember that this is all temporary, school will one day be over! I know that so far it’s consumed about 75% of your days on this earth, there will be a time when that will be reversed, when 75% of your days were spent outside of school.  However, the tests will never be over, you will always be tested in life, just in other ways.

Good job kiddo.


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