Self Parallel Parking – Obsolete!

Dear DaughterSelf-parking

Great seeing you this weekend. Funny you should have mentioned loathing thinking about having to possibly parallel park to go meet a friend – I’ve thinking about this for a post. I mean what’s the worst that could happen – apparently according to cartoon science your car could instantaneously flip upside down and catch fire while a bunch of strangers standby and witness it all and take pics with their phones.

Now a good father would give you a speech about how you can do it or let’s go out there and practice, but  you got me instead. However, Life is Great because modern technology is making self parallel parking obsolete, so why even learn it. You don’t make your own butter or trim your toe nails – of course not, that’s why we have technology! Today there are cars where you simply press a button and they self parallel park. Wow! This is almost better than the salad spinner! All right, kidding, I know you can do it …. eventually.


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